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  • Brain in a lump of clay

    “Brain in a lump of clay”

    In my first blog, let me take you on a ride through the workings of nature’s most wonderful gift to mankind – The Brain

    Although brain is often compared to a computer to explain its workings,


    and so on and so forth, its function is far more complex.  Its structure is even more complex.

    Allow me to simplify it further and let me reveal its beauty through a lump of clay.

    Left alone, without any interaction with surroundings, brain is merely a lump of fat.

    It can be compared to the lump of potter’s clay. The clay transforms into a piece of art and utility only by the touch of potter’s hands on the rotating potter’s wheel.

    This eternal life represents the potter’s rotating wheel, our interactions with environment and self, represent the potter’s hands shaping our brains. 

    Based on its own innate features, like consistency, material, etc, the clay lump molds to the shaping hands and what you get in the end is a piece of art.

    Our sense organs Eyes, Nose, Ears, Tongue and Skin, are nothing but extensions of our brain to gather information and interact with the surroundings.

    The information provided by these sense organs is behaving like the hands that shape the clay. It molds our brain.

    The clay pot displays its beauty and art as a visual treat, our brain displays its beauty through our behavior.

    In a way, what goes into the brain is what comes out of it. “If you feed it love, love is what it gives you back”.

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